Exam Results

These results are not current as 2020 and 2021 public exams were cancelled. Therefore, no external exam data is available.

A thorough breakdown of our exam results can be seen here.

QMGS Exam Results 2019

GCSE Results 2019

The Year 11 cohort of 2019 have produced an exceptional set of GCSE results, of which we are very proud. 77% of all entries were graded at 7-9, with 52% at 8/9 (the former A*). Nearly 90% of all results in maths and science were a 7 or better and our progress 8 score is an incredible +0.76!

Outside of the classroom, this group of students have made the most of the opportunities presented to them at QMGS. They have made excellent progress in the Combined Cadet Force and a large number have been part of the international trips, including the summer expedition to the Indian Himalaya. They have excelled in music, public speaking, languages, as well as being budding engineers and succeeding in a multitude of maths and science initiatives.

I am delighted for their success and look forward to their continued involvement with QMGS in the sixth form.

Key statistics:

• 77% of all grades were 7-9
• Provisional progress 8 score +0.76!
• 98% of our pupils achieved 9-4 in at least 5 subjects
• 98 pupils (82% of the cohort) scored 7-9 in at least 6 subjects
• 66 pupils achieved an 8 or 9 in at least 5 subjects
• 70 pupils achieved 7-9 grades in at least 8 subjects
• 33 pupils had an average points score of 8 or better across all of their subjects
• 33 pupils scored A*/A or 7-9 in all of their subjects
• 79% of pupils scored 7-9 grades in both Maths and English
• 97% of pupils achieved grade 5 or above in both Maths and English
• The attainment 8 average was 76.55
• 64% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate
• 72% of students were entered for the English Baccalaureate (2021 figure)
• 100% of students stayed in education or entered employment after Key Stage 4 (2021 figure)

Richard Langton

PDF of GCSE results


A level Results 2019

QMGS students achieve some pleasing A Level results amidst national changes


• 62% of grades at A* / A / B
• 35% of grades at A*/A
• 99% pass rate
• 31 candidates achieved A*/A grades in all of their subjects
• 20 students achieved at least 2 A* grades, with 9 achieving 3 or more A*s and 5 receiving A*s in all of their subjects
• 3 students have been successful in attaining Oxbridge places, with 13 heading off to study Medicine, dentistry or veterinary science
• Overall progress score -0.21
• Average result expressed as a grade: B
• No students were required to re-take qualifications in either English or Maths
• 98.9% of students completed their main study programme
• Destinations after 16 to 18 study (2017 most recent data):
   • 77% of leavers stayed in education
   • 3% of students entered apprenticeships
   • 9% of students entered employment
   • 12% of students unknown

Headmaster’s comment:

“The 2019 cohort have done themselves and the school proud with a pleasing set of results. With all courses now being linear in nature, the students have applied themselves with genuine rigour in order to achieve their grades. The list of post-18 destinations is very impressive, with a large number heading off to Russell group or top 40 universities. As has been the trend in recent years, a significant number are taking up places in employment or on apprenticeships.

These students have not just excelled in the classroom. There has been commitment at home and abroad in the School’s Combined Cadet Force, expeditions to Borneo, India and Mexico, as well as nationally significant achievements in science and maths Olympiads. Additionally, students have taken part in engineering initiatives, music, languages and sport, as well as selflessly giving their time to mentoring and volunteering. In doing so, they have become well-rounded young men and women and I wish them well.”

Richard Langton

RESULTS 2019 – A level (pdf)