Staff List


R.J. Langton, BA, University of Birmingham; MA, Institute of Education, University College London (Headmaster)
M.E. Lax, BA, University of Sheffield (Deputy Head)
T.B. Brown, BSc, Sheffield Hallam University (Assistant Head)
G.K. Collins, BSc, Aberystwyth University (Assistant Head)
A.G. Kolaric, MA, University of Sheffield (Assistant Head)


A.Ahmed, University College London
Mrs D. Anderton, BA, Stirling University; MEd, Birmingham University
H.Bahra, University College London
M.R. Borcherds, MA, Worcester College, Oxford
R.T. Bradley, MA, Trinity College, University of Cambridge (Head of RPE; Head of Psychology)
J.M Clements, BSc, Aberystwyth University; MSc, University of Glasgow; CTeach; FCCT (Year 7 Science)
J.E. Diskin, BSc, University of Warwick (Year Tutor)
P.R. Dryhurst, MA, University of York
M.J. Fadden, BA, Trinity College, Oxford; MPhil, Trinity College, Dublin (Second in English)
Miss Z.A. Fahmida, BSc, University of Warwick (Head of House)
R.A. Francis, BSc, University of Wolverhampton
Mrs J.A. Franklin, BA, University of Leeds (Head of French & Spanish)
K.Gray, Birmingham City University
C.Guy, University of Wolverhampton
A.T.S. Hammond, BSc, University of Chichester
J.O. Hawkins, BA, University of Leicester
D.Hitchen, University of Leeds
Mrs J.J. Ho, (BSc), University of Bradford
A.E. Hudson, MA, Peterhouse, Cambridge; FCCT (Head of Learning Outside the Classroom)
P.R. Hughes, BEd, College of Ripon and York St. John (Head of Design & Technology)
H.Humphries, University of Nottingham
D. Jahn, DipHE Open University; MIExpE
Mrs V.E. Jahn, BSc, University of Birmingham
M.Kaur, Staffordshire University (Teacher of Economics)
R.S. Lally, BSc, University of Wolverhampton
M.R. Litchfield, MA, Christ Church College, Oxford (Second in Mathematics)
Mrs A. Liu, MSc, University of Birmingham
L. Mackenzie, BA, University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Year Tutor)
R.S. Magee, BSc, Edge Hill University (Head of House)
R.J. Matley, BSc, Salford University (Head of Sixth Form)
Mrs S.L. McPhee, BA, University of Warwick (Head of PSHEE)
Mrs B.B. Mehta, MSc, University of Leicester (Head of House; Director of Houses)
Dr S. Miah, BSc, Loughborough University; PhD, Loughborough University
A.Mitchell, University of Birmingham
F.J. Monier, MA, University of Warwick
Miss R.A.R. Naguthney, BSc, Aston University (Year Tutor)
P.Nowek, University of Bristol
Miss P. Patel, BA, University of London; MA, Birmingham University
A.Peacock, Lancashire Polytechnic
Miss A Phillips, BA, University of Birmingham
Dr C.J. Pilkington, BSc, Imperial College, London; PhD, Imperial College London (Head of Chemistry)
M.O. Rendu, BSc, University of Birmingham (Head of Biology; Head of Year)
R.P. Reynolds, BA, Queen’s University Belfast (Head of History)
Miss I.M. Richards, BA, Trinity College, Cambridge
J.A. Ridler, MSci, University of Birmingham (Head of Timetable)
J.M. Rockett, BSc, University of Manchester (Head of Science)
Mrs F.E. Round, BSc, University of Manchester (Head of ICT)
Dr N.J. Rowley, BSc, Cardiff University; PhD, Warwick University
A.J. Scott, BEng, University of Warwick
M. Sepede, BEng, University of Birmingham
Mrs S. Sharp, BA, Institut Superieur International Du Tourisme, Morocco
R.J. Short, MChem, University of York
P. Sunley, BSocSc, University of Birmingham (Head of Economics & Business; CEIAG Coordinator)
Miss N. Tariq, BL, Aston University
Mrs S.M. Taylor, MSci, University of Birmingham (Year 7 & KS3 Science Co-ordinator)
M.R. Vause, BA, Salford University; LRSM (Head of Music)
Mrs Y. Wang, BA, Shaoxing College of Arts and Science
Mrs K. Westwood-Cooke, BA, Manchester Metropolitan University
S.W. Willis, BSc, University of Leeds; MSc, University of Leeds (Head of Mathematics)
Mrs N.J. Youngman, BA, Brunel University (Year Tutor; SENDCo)


Mrs C. Dabbs (FLA for Spanish)
N. Dewhurst (Brass)
M. Ferkins (Drum Kit)
Mrs A. Hollins (Strings)
Miss H. Miller (Brass)
P. Owen (Acoustic & Electric Guitar)
B. Smith (Woodwind
Mrs C. Terry (Woodwind)
Mrs S. Tranchant (Woodwind)


Mrs S.J. Bayley (Seventh Form Reception & Administrative Support Assistant)
Mrs C. Chatwin (SEAL Mentor; Sixth Form Pastoral Team)
A.Cheema, Keele University (Laboratory Technician)
S.Dooley, University of Wolverhampton (Learning Support Assistant)
R.Drewett, Halesowen University (Mentor)
Mrs G.E. Columbine, MBA, Lincoln University (Alumni and Development Officer)
T. Farnell BA, Staffordshire University (Safeguarding & Welfare Officer)
D. Froggatt (Caretaker)
R.D. Garbett, BA with Honours, Coventry University (Headmaster’s Personal Assistant)
V.K. Gulzar (Caretaker)
Mrs L.M. Harding (School Receptionist)
Mrs D.M. Harrison (Pupil Data and Examinations)
Mrs M.A Hayden, BA, University of Huddersfield (Pastoral Support Assistant)
Mrs D.C Hill (Student Services Manager)
Mrs E.K. Hughes (Resources Assistant)
J.D. Hynes (ICT Technician)
A.Johnson (Admin & Data Manager)
Mrs A. Kumar, (BSc) University of Derby (Examinations Officer)
Mrs L.J. McCormick (School Secretary)
Mrs J.E. McCoy (Alumni & Development Officer)
Mrs J.A.M. Mitchell (Senior Laboratory Technician)
L.Neal (Reception Secretary)
K.S. Parker (Facilities Manager; Health & Safety)
G.Pearce, Wolverhampton University (Resources Supervisor)
P.J. Scandrett, BSc, Wolverhampton University; HND (Network Manager)
Mrs M. Steventon (Cover Manager)
Mrs S.J Stone (Laboratory Assistant)
Mrs S. Swain (Learning Mentor; SEND Assistant)
C.M. Taylor (Design Technician)
D.M.T. Turner (Head Caretaker)
Mrs H.J. Walker, BA, University of Liverpool (Library Resource Manager)
Miss R. Weston, BA, University of Roehampton (Sixth Form Operations Manager)
Mrs C. Wood (HR & Administration Executive)


Mr I. Bletcher
Mrs C. Dabbs
Mrs K. Naran
Mrs S. Saeed
Mrs B. Seimar
Mrs D.A. Stevenson