September 2020 Entry

(Page Updated 16/10/20)

Places available at the School

There are 180 places for boys at Queen Mary’s Grammar School for entry to Year 7 in September 2020. Admission was based on the results of the School’s Entrance Test in September 2019. Places have been allocated based on the results in this test and all places have now been filled.

How places were allocated at the School

To be considered for a place at the School, a candidate had to achieve the Minimum Qualifying Score. For September 2020 entry, the Minimum Qualifying Score was 300 and no candidate scoring below this score could be offered a place. As the School is heavily oversubscribed, places were then offered to candidates in the following preference order (based on Test scores in each category)

1. Looked After Children: Places were made available firstly to Looked After Children who scored above the Minimum Qualifying Score in the Test

2. Pupil Premium: Up to a maximum of 54 places (30% of the 180 intake) were made available to boys who were eligible for Pupil Premium at the date of the test. Pupil Premium places were only available to boys scoring above the Minimum Qualifying Score and were offered according to Test Score, but in the following order of preference:

a. Children attending a primary school listed in the Walsall Children’s Services Directory

b. Children attending a primary school not in the above Directory

3. All other children who achieved the Minimum Qualifying Score: Places were made available in rank order according to the candidates’ Test Scores.

Waiting List

Waiting list to 31 December 2020: Candidates who sat the Test for entry in September 2019 can have their names placed on our waiting list. Candidates who were offered a lower preference school by their Local Authority, will automatically have their name placed on the waiting list. Candidates are placed on the waiting list in based on their performance in the Test according to the same admissions criteria under which places were allocated as above. If a place which has previously been offered becomes available, this is offered to the highest ranked candidate on the waiting list.

Waiting list from 1 January 2021: A new waiting list will be established in January 2021 which is available ONLY for candidates who have NOT previously sat our Test. Parents should contact the School after this date to request their son’s name be placed on the list. If a place then becomes available, the School will organise a new test for those candidates. It should be emphasised places only become available if a pupil leaves the School and this does not happen often.

Candidates who have sat our main entrance Test and who were not offered a place can only apply to join the School again in Year 12.

Further Information

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Admissions Arrangements for entry in September 2021: Admissions Arrangements 2020