September 2021 Entry

(Page Updated 16/10/20)

This page contains the following information:

1. Information for parents whose son sat our entrance test in October 2020
2. Late applications
3. Admissions procedures for entry to Year 7 in September 2021.

1. Information for parents whose son sat our entrance test in October 2020.

Applications for Year 7 entry in 2021 opened from March 20209 and the deadline for applications for boys to sit our main entrance test was 10 September 2020. The test took place in October.

Results will be posted first class to parents on Friday 23rd October 2020. This should mean parents will either receive their son’s result on Saturday 24th or Monday 26th October. The Local Authority deadline for applications is 31st October 2020, so this will still leave parents with enough time to decide the order of preference for their son’s choice of schools.

In previous years we would normally have sent this information about a week earlier, however our test was delayed 3 weeks due to coronavirus to allow pupils the benefit of additional time in school after many weeks out of lessons in the summer. This was in line with Government guidance.

Full information on the application process is set out in section 3 below. However, here are a few questions and answers providing parents with additional information.

Q1. What should I do if I don’t receive my son’s results due to postal delays?

A1. If you haven’t received your son’s test result by the morning of Tuesday 27th October, then you should email on Tuesday 27th October. Any email request for results prior to Tuesday 27th October will be deleted and not replied to

Q2. What if I prefer to receive my result by email?

A2. It is our policy to POST results. We will ONLY email results to individual parents after Tuesday 27th October if they have not had their result letter. This can only be issued to the email address given when making the candidate’s application. Any email request for results prior to Tuesday 27th October will be deleted and not replied to.

Q3. What if I prefer to receive my result by telephone?

A3. Please do not telephone the School regarding your son’s result as we will NEVER give out a result over the telephone.

Q4. If I haven’t received my son’s result by Tuesday 27th October, can I telephone the school to ask for an email result?

A4. No. The school is closed for the half term break and there will be nobody to take your call. Please send an email to the email address

Q5. What happens if I still don’t receive my result by 31st October or I want to complete my Local Authority Application before you send your results out?

A5. You can still apply to your Local Authority prior to receiving our result, in fact many grammar schools across the UK will have no results by this date. Do NOT try to guess how well your son has done, or pick a school just because he already has a result. You MUST put schools down in order of your preference for your son. Local Authorities will allocate your son the highest preference choice school he qualifies for. They will know his result from us when they allocate places at schools. Put simply, if Queen Mary’s Grammar School is the first choice school your son wants to go to, you MUST put us FIRST on your list of preferences. If you don’t then he may end up getting a high enough mark in our test to get a place at the school, but will be offered a school he may not want to go to.

Q6. I am not sure what order of preferences to put schools down on my Local Authority Application.

A6. Other than the answer (A5) above to Q5 we cannot advise you any further on this. The choice is yours. Please refer to your Local Authority’s admissions to secondary schools for further details on how to apply to them.

2. Late Applications

The School allows late applications and the online portal will reopen in November 2020 for parents who missed the above deadline. All late candidates will be tested in March 2021. Although this is after the national notification date for school places, candidates tested in March 2021 will be eligible to be placed on our waiting list in March. A number of places were offered from our waiting list to late candidates this year, so parents should still make a late application if they want their son to be considered for a place at the School. We advise parents making late applications to put the school on their son’s list of preferences when applying to the Local Authority in October 2020.

When you have applied, you will receive a confirmation. When you have checked the information entered,, if you find there is a mistake in your application please call the School Office. Do NOT make more than one application, even if it is just to correct a mistake.

3. Admissions procedures for entry to Year 7 in September 2021.

Please read the attached statement from the Head Teachers of the Consortium: STATEMENT CONCERNING SEPTEMBER 2020 ENTRANCE TEST

This page contains information relating to Year 7 Admissions in September 2021, but please refer to our full Admissions Arrangements below for further details.

Places available at the school

There are 180 places for boys at Queen Mary’s Grammar School for entry to Year 7 in September 2021. Admission is based on the results of the School’s Entrance Test.

The Test

We administer the Test as part of a Consortium of grammar schools in Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton. For September 2021 entry, the main entrance test will take place between 3rd to 6th October 2020. Arrangements will be made for boys who were ill on the day and also for late applications.

The Test comprises two papers of about an hour each, which assess Verbal Reasoning/English, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. Candidates are given a break between the papers. Questions are included in question booklets. Candidates MUST write answers on the separate answer sheets provided. To help candidates prepare before the Test we provide familiarisation guides (see below).

How places are allocated at the School

To be considered for a place at the School, a candidate must achieve the Minimum Qualifying Score. This score is determined by the School’s Governors after the Test results are available. Last year, for September 2020 entry, the Minimum Qualifying Score was 300, which may change this year. Any candidate scoring below the Minimum qualifying Score will not be offered a place.

As the School is heavily oversubscribed, places are offered to candidates who score above the Minimum Qualifying Score in the following preference order (based on Test scores in each category)

1. Looked After Children: Places will be provided firstly to Looked After Children who score above the Minimum Qualifying Score in the Test to be allocated places at the School. Parents/carers must indicate if the candidate is a Looked After Child (currently or previously in the care of a Local Authority) when completing the online application form. Evidence will be required.

2. Pupil Premium Up to a maximum of 54 places (30% of the 180 intake) are then offered to boys who are eligible for Pupil Premium at the date of the test. Parents must indicate if their son is eligible when completing the online registration form. Evidence of eligibility will be required. Pupil Premium places are only available to boys scoring above the Minimum Qualifying Score and are offered according to Test Score, but in the following order of preference:

a. Children attending a primary school listed in the Walsall Children’s Services Directory

b. Children attending a primary school not in the above Directory

3. All other children achieving the Minimum Qualifying Score: Places will be offered in rank order according to the candidates’ Test Scores.

Application Process – Application to the School to sit the Test

Applications must be made using the Consortium’s online application form, (link below). The deadline for applications for our main entrance test was 4pm on THURSDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020. All applications made after this time will be considered “late” as defined in our Admissions Arrangements. See information relating to late applications in Section 2 above.

Application Process – Application to the Local Authority

As well as applying to the School to sit our Test, parents must also apply to their own Local Authority. This usually involves completing their Local Authority’s online application, indicating parents’ preference of schools. Parents should list schools in order of their choice and not based on test result. Local Authorities will allocate boys the highest school they are eligible to be offered a place at.

The deadline is usually 31 October. Places are allocated by parents’ Local Authorities, on 1st March 2021. Parents must check their own Local Authority’s deadlines.

Special Arrangements

Parents may apply for special arrangements for the Test if they satisfy the School’s Governors that their son has special educational needs or is suffering from a disability. A request for special arrangements must be indicated when completing the online application form. Parents who request special arrangements must then complete the Consortium’s special arrangements request form, which will be emailed to them after their completed application. This must include educational or medical evidence, and the relevant part completed by their son’s school. This form should be completed this as a matter of urgency.

Pupil Premium evidence

If parents indicate their son is eligible for Pupil Premium, a Pupil Premium form must be completed. This will be emailed to parents after the application is completed. Only candidates eligible at the time of the Test can be offered a Pupil Premium place. If a boy becomes eligible for Pupil Premium after the application is made, but before the test takes place, parents should contact the School. This form also requires completing by the candidate’s primary school. Parents should complete this before the entrance test date, or their son will not be considered for a Pupil Premium place.


All dates are however subject to change in the event Coronavirus guidelines set by the Government require the School to make alternative arrangements.

The timetable for admissions in September 2021 is as follows:

• Application forms and admissions arrangements available – from March 2020
• Closing date for applications to the School to sit the Test – Thursday 10th September 2020
• Entrance Test dates – Saturday 3rd October to Tuesday 6th October 2020
• Test results POSTED to parents – Friday 23rd October 2020. These should be received by parents on Saturday 24th or Monday 26th October 2020
• Parents must complete their Local Authority application – 31st October 2020
• Late applications can be made from November 2020 when the online application form will be opened again. Please check our website from November
• Parents notified by Local Authorities which school their son has offered – 1st March 2021
• Test for candidates who applied late – March 2021 (date to be confirmed in February 2021)

Unfortunately, no open evenings can be held during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see Headmaster’s Presentation for further information on the School.

Application Form and Important Information about the School

Please read all of the documents in the links below before completing the online application form:

Our School Prospectus: SCHOOL PROSPECTUS (PDF)

Headmaster’s Open Evening Presentation (with voice over): Presentation

Admissions Arrangements for entry in September 2021: Admissions Arrangements

Familiarisation guide/ Sample questions: Familiarisation Pack

Online Registration form: Link to Online registration form