16 – 19 Bursary

Queen Mary’s Grammar School Bursary Application

The Department for Education established the 16-19 Bursary Fund in 2011. The aim of the fund is to help students aged 16-19 (Year 12 and 13 only) continue in education, where they might struggle for financial reasons. A bursary is directly related to the income and financial resources of the student’s family. The School receives a finite allocation directly from Central Government in order to support students is Year 12 and Year 13 only. The criteria are set nationally but the fund is administered by the school and an application via the online platform Applicaa is required on behalf of the student.

We would encourage you to talk with your family and decide if applying for financial support during your sixth form journey at QMGS would be beneficial.

You, the student would need to apply but will also need the support and some information from your family. It would be a collaborative approach.

You could qualify for a bursary if you are a student who has previously qualified for free school meals or were a pupil premium student. You may qualify if your household income is lower than £30,000.

If successful, you may have access to £1000 for the academic year to support your education and access to a free school meal.

Follow this link to create a login and start the application process



16-19 Bursary Fund Policy 2023-24 – to follow

Our Pupil Premium strategy document can be seen on our policies page