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We are a non-political body which exists for networking, friendship, the betterment of current pupils’ educational experience and fundraising for special projects. If you would like to join our database and receive news updates, please Click Here to complete a simple registration form.

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We hope that you will consider the time spent here studying allowed you to access a strong and firm foundation for your future in the world of higher education and work. We are proud of your achievements and would like to share your successes and celebrate your milestones. Success has many different guises and we are interested in what you have achieved through work, your community, the environment and other avenues that you might have pursued. Please take a look at our QMC Club website for more information about the Club and how you can become involved. Please Click Here

If you have any news that you would like to share please email Prveen Kataria-Raulia at

We publish a ‘From All Quarters’ magazine each year which includes interesting articles and news of former pupils. Please click below to look at the most recent publications. Older magazines can be found on the publications page of the QM Club Website.

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