Alumni: Honours Awarded

Former pupil and Chairman of Governors, Philip Sturrock, was awarded the MBE in June 2014 for services to business, charity and the community in SE London.

Former history master and former Labour councillor for Pelsall, Tom Perrett, was awarded the MBE in January 2007.

The late John Dickson was awarded the OBE in 1987 for his services to the CCF, which he ran as Wing Commander from 1968 to 1989.

The late John Anderson, former Second Master, received the MBE for services to the CCF.

Dave Pomeroy, former Maths teacher, also received an OBE, having served as Wing Commander of the CCF.

Late PE teacher George Crudace was awarded the BEM.

Former pupil Matthew Punch , Acting Commander Royal Navy, was awarded MBE in June 2015.

Former pupil Phillip Holmes was awarded MBE in January 2012 for service to the community of the West Midlands.

Former pupil Walter Balmford was awarded the MBE in January 2018 for services to Training and Education.

Former pupil Faeeza Vaid, Executive Director of the Muslim Women’s Network, awarded MBE in Jan 2019 for services to Women’s Rights.

Former pupil Dr Christopher Dorman, Vice President of Coherent Scotland, awarded OBE in June 2019 for services to Laser and Photonic Technology and to Exports.

Former pupil Philip Green was awarded CBE in 2014 for services to business and charity in the UK & South Africa

Famous former pupils

Geoff Allman, professor and author
David Brown, England cricketer
Colin Charvis, Rugby Union Player – British and Irish Lions and former Captain of Wales
Vernon Coleman, author, writer, medical doctor, and activist
Neil Denison, QC, judge; former Common Serjeant of London
Martin Fowler, author and international speaker on software architecture
David Ennals, Baron Ennals of Norwich, former MP and Secretary of State
John Ennals, Human Rights Activist
Martin Ennals, creator of The Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders
David Etherington, QC, barrister
Mike Hale, former GB Water Polo international
Sir Gary Hickinbottom, Court of Appeal judge
Harry Hinsley, historian and World War II codebreaker
Jeffrey Holland, (Jeffrey Parkes) actor – Hi-de-Hi! etc.
David Howarth, Professor of Law and Public Policy at Cambridge University
Roger Langley (R.F.Langley), poet and diarist
Richard Moon, England B Rugby International & Barbarians, Broadcaster on rugby
Rupert Moon, Rugby Union international for Wales
Sir Henry Newbolt, poet
Andrew Parrot, musician, founder of the Taverner Choir, Consort and Players
Andrew Peach, BBC Radio 2 Presenter
Professor Lloyd Peck, British Antarctic Survey
Sir Jonathan Phillips, Permanent Secretary, Northern Ireland Office and Warden of Keble College, Oxford
Martin Shaw, Professor of Jazz Trumpet at Birmingham Conservatoire and freelance jazz soloist
Jan Webster, England International Rugby Player
Anthony Wilkins, colleague of Peter Tatchell, Gay Rights Activist
Frank Windsor, (Frank W Higgins) actor – Z-Cars, Softly Softly, etc.


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