Exam Results

QMGS Exam Results 2022

A level

QMGS students achieve some outstanding A Level results after a difficult two years


  • 72% of grades at A* / A / B
  • 49% of grades at A*/A
  • 99% pass rate
  • Average grade of A- across all academic entries
  • 65 candidates achieved A*/A grades in all of their subjects
  • 37 students achieved at least 2 A* grades, with 18 achieving 3 or more A*s
  • 7 students have been successful in attaining Oxbridge places

Headmaster’s comment:

“The 2022 cohort have done themselves and the school proud with an excellent set of results.  This group of students have shown huge amounts of resilience since they started their courses in 2020, amidst national uncertainty and restrictions due to the global pandemic.  The list of post-18 destinations is very impressive, with a large number heading off to Russell group or top 50 universities. 

These students have not just excelled in the classroom.  They have embraced the re-launch of the QM experience this year and have become fully involved in the wider life of the school: on the sports field, through music, within the CCF and in so many other areas.  They have become well rounded young men and women and will excel in their next challenges.  We send them away with our very best wishes, but know that they will always be Marians”

Richard Langton

PDF of overall A-level results

GCSE Results 2022

The Year 11 cohort of 2022 have produced an exceptional set of GCSE results, of which we are very proud.  77% of all entries were graded at 7-9, with 56% at 8/9.   Just under 90% of all results in maths and science were a 7 or better.

Starting their GCSE courses after a national lockdown in 2020, this cohort of students have shown incredible resilience.  During year 10, they experienced a number of self-isolation periods, as well as the second national closure of schools.  They have adapted to new ways of learning and have thrown themselves into co-curricular activities this year, with the re-launch of the CCF, music concerts, international trips and many other activities that make up the QM experience. 

I am delighted for their success and look forward to their continued involvement with QMGS in the sixth form.  For those leaving us, I wish them well for the future. 

Key statistics:

  • 78% of all grades were 7-9
  • 56% of all grades were 8/9
  • 99% of our pupils achieved 9-5 in at least 5 subjects
  • 121 pupils (81% of the cohort) scored 7-9 in at least 6 subjects
  • 97 pupils achieved an 8 or 9 in at least 5 subjects
  • 96 pupils achieved 7-9 grades in at least 8 subjects
  • 54 pupils had an average points score of 8 or better across all of their subjects
  • 46 pupils scored 7-9 in all of their subjects
  • 79% of pupils scored 7-9 grades in both Maths and English
  • The attainment 8 average was 78.17
  • 69% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate with grade 5s or better
  • % entered for EBACC = 75.8%​
  • % of 5s and above in Eng and Maths = 99.3%

PDF of GCSE results