Updated polices – June 2020
The following policies have been amended as a result of school closure and the partial re-opening for some year groups from June 2020.

Assessment Policy 2020 (PDF)
Attendance Policy 2020 (PDF)
Acceptable Use Agreement (PDF)
Behaviour Policy 2020 (PDF)
COVID19 Child Protection Policy 2020(PDF)
Infection Control Policy 2020
QMGS Risk Assessment for school re-opening Sep 2020 15-7-20

The following policy documents are available for download:

Assessment Policy 2019 (PDF)
Accessibility Plan 2018-19(PDF)
Anti-bullying Policy 2019 (PDF)
Behaviour Policy 2019 (PDF)
CEIAG Policy 2020 (PDF)
Complaints Policy (PDF)
Curriculum Policy 2019 (PDF)
Equality Policy 2019 (PDF)
E-Safety Policy 2018 (PDF)
Exams Policy 2020 (PDF)
Healthcare Policy (PDF)
Homework Policy (PDF)
Pupil Premium (PDF)
Radicalisation and Extremism Policy 2018 (PDF)
Safeguarding Policy 2019 (PDF)
Safer Recruitment Policy 2019 (PDF)
SEND Information Report 2020(PDF)
Substance Abuse Policy 2019 (PDF)
Teaching and Learning Policy (PDF)
Whistleblowing policy 2019 (PDF)

Bursary Fund

16-19 Bursary Fund Policy 2020-21
Bursary Claim Form 2020-21