Pupil Premium and Free School Meals

Vision: For all pupils to reach their potential and participate fully as valued members of our community, irrespective of background or family circumstance.

Available to Year 7 – Year 11

PP Policy

The school receives Pupil Premium funding for students who meet either of the following criteria:

  • Those currently in receipt of Free School Meals
  • Those that have been in receipt of Free School Meals within the last 6 years (known as Ever 6)

Parents in receipt of certain benefits are entitled to apply for free school meals.

This generates additional funds for the school to use to support that child’s learning in school. We always keep such information confidential and students in receipt of FSM are not singled out to their peers.

Schools receive Pupil Premium funding to support the learning of students who are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM). This funding continues for a further 6 years, even if the child is no longer entitled to receive free school meals, which is known as Ever 6.

All parents/carers who believe their child is eligible for Free School Meals should apply via the link below to Walsall Borough Council. Applications can be made online or by downloading and printing the application form and returning it to the Free School Meals Department at Walsall Council.

The link https://go.walsall.gov.uk/free_school_meals takes you to the relevant page on their website.

It is important that this is done regardless of whether the pupil has been receiving Free School Meals in their Primary School as this information does not transfer automatically to Queen Mary’s Grammar School when the pupil joins us.

The school honors those students who have been eligible for Free School Meals during Year 10 and 11 and will extend this provision throughout Year 12 and 13. Any sixth form student who was eligible for Pupil Premium and/or Free School meals is strongly encouraged to apply for the 16-19 Bursary (see here for more information).

Free School Meals – Logistics

All students who meet the criteria for Free School Meals are entitled to a free school meal up to the value of £2.60 per day. This is added to their account at 12pm each day. Any unspent funds do not carry forward.

All parents/carers who believe their child is eligible should apply to Walsall Council via this link: https://go.walsall.gov.uk/free_school_meals

FSM Schools Leaflet

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