Queen Mary’s Association

Our parents’ association, known as the Queen Mary’s Association (or QMA), is very active and the School is very proud and grateful for their supportive fund-raising.

When their child joins the School, parents automatically become members of QMA: they are invited not only to support school events by attending and enjoying the social side, but also to help organise the events put on by the Association. They are all working committees and most of them are responsible for organising only one event a year so that the workload is spread among many people. There will be an opportunity to meet QMA Committee members and to join a committee in September.

The QMA raises substantial funds for the benefit of the pupils in the School, in some years well over £20,000 pa. These funds are used to provide facilities which would not be possible from the Government funds which run the School, such as:

– Maintenance of our Welsh Centre at Farchynys; including the recent building of a Girls’ Dormitory and refurbishment of toilet facilities;
– the purchase of a School Minibus every few years;
– the audio-visual equipment in the Hall;
– the laser cutters in Design Technology;
– support for the many clubs and societies run outside School time.

Further Information

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