Library (Sora)

Our School Library is a very popular, welcoming and valued space, run by the school librarian and a team of student volunteers. We are open to students before registration (from 8:30) and at break and lunchtimes

As a school fully committed to the importance of reading for pleasure, we have a wide range of books for all year groups as well as having lots of comfortable seating areas for reading. Students are also able to use tables and laptops for work.

Students can take out up to three books at a time for a period of up to two weeks. We don’t fine for late returns, but do ask that if a book is damaged or lost, a fee of £5.00 is paid, so that a second-hand replacement copy can be purchased.

As well as the books available to borrow in the Library, we also have an e-reader called Sora that students can access:( Once the Sora app has been downloaded on to a phone or tablet and the set-up code uksecondary is entered, students should come to the Library for their individual log-in details.

Recommended Reads

Click on the links below to view recommended reads for your year group:

Year 6 Books

Year 7 Books

Year 8 Books

Year 9 Books

Year 10 Books

Year 11 Books

We strongly encourage our students to read as much, and as widely, as possible. Some books in our Library may be categorised as being suitable for a particular age range – for instance, we put age restrictions (Y9+ and Y11+) on books that may contain mature or upsetting themes or strong language. We recognise however, that children’s reading tastes and emotional capabilities vary and mature at different rates, and so if your child is in Year 7 or 8 and you are happy for them to read these more mature books, please request the permission form from the Librarian.