ICT is a vital part of teaching and learning in the School community and is a crucial tool for staff and students alike. It also has an integral role in the School’s management information and business administration systems. Access to the internet is an essential tool for all staff and a privilege for students.

Safeguarding is a serious matter; technology and the Internet are used extensively at the School across all areas of the curriculum. Online safeguarding, known as e-safety, is an area that is constantly evolving and it is vital that, as a whole School community (including staff, students and parents), we keep as up to date as possible with these changes.

The two overriding purposes of the e-safety policy are:

• To enable the whole School community to stay as safe and risk free as possible;
• To ensure risks are identified, assessed and mitigated (where possible) in order to reduce the possibility of harm to the student or liability to the School.

We currently have the following E-Safety documentation available:

Queen Mary’s Grammar School E-Safety Policy (pdf)

Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?
Please use the CEOP button below:

National Online Safety Centre Resources

Discord – a parent’s guide

Useful websites

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Childnet International
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UK Safer Internet Centre
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Cyberbullying Research Center
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