Admissions Arrangements

Queen Mary’s Grammar School is a selective state school which provides free education for pupils from the ages of 11 to 18. Only boys are admitted to Years 7 to 11, but both boys and girls may enter in Year 12.

The School is an Academy and the Governors, not the Local Authority, are responsible for the admission arrangements. There is no charge or cost related to the admission of a child to the school. The School has no defined catchment area. All parents living both within and beyond the Borough of Walsall may apply to have their sons admitted to Years 7 to 11 and their daughters and sons admitted to Year 12 of the School.

Admission in Year 7

Admission to Year 7 is determined by the performance of candidates in an entrance examination and the availability of places. Candidates who sat this exam may be placed on the school’s waiting list for places, which is maintained until the end of the first term. After this time please contact the school for more information.

Further details of the arrangements for entry in Year 7 can be seen by following separate Year 7 tab under admissions

Information on the School’s appeals process is shown here: Year 7 Appeals

Admission in Years 8 to 11

Admission of applicants during Year 7 who have applied after the Exam waiting list is closed and those who wish to apply to enter Years 8 to 11, is determined by attainment in academic tests administered by the School. These are also dependent upon vacancies existing in the relevant Year group. Please telephone the school for further details.

Admission in Years 12

Admission to the Sixth Form (Year 12) is determined by performance in GCSE or equivalent examinations, and is dependent on vacancies existing in Year 12 and for the subjects chosen. Please see the separate Year 12 tab under Admissions.

Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24

Admissions Arrangements for 2024/25
Admissions Arrangements for 2024/25 Appendix

Admissions Arrangements for 2025/26
Admissions Arrangements for 2025/26 Appendix