September 2022 Entry

The portal for LATE Applications (2022 Entry) is now Closed. Please refer to our Admissions Arrangements for more information.

The late examination/entrance test will take place on 9th March 2022. There will be no further applications accepted for this cohort.

The Appeals details, form and FAQ can be found at the bottom of this page for 2022 entry. The Appeals will be open until March 31st 2022.

Places at the school

There are 180 places for boys at Queen Mary’s Grammar School for entry to Year 7 in September 2022.

How places are allocated at the School

Admission is based on the results of the School’s Entrance Test. The Test comprises two papers of about an hour each, which assess Verbal Reasoning/English, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. Candidates are given a break between the papers. Questions are included in question booklets. Candidates MUST write answers on the separate answer sheets provided. To help candidates prepare before the Test we provide familiarisation guides (see below).

To be considered for a place at the School, a candidate must achieve at least the Minimum Qualifying Score. This score is determined by the School’s Governors after the Test results are available. Last year, for September 2021 entry, the Minimum Qualifying Score was 295, which may change this year. Any candidate scoring below the Minimum qualifying Score cannot be offered a place.

As the School is heavily oversubscribed, places are offered to candidates who score above the Minimum Qualifying Score in the following preference order (based on Test scores in each category)

1. Looked After Children: Places will be provided firstly to Looked After Children who score above the Minimum Qualifying Score in the Test to be allocated places at the School. Parents/carers must indicate if the candidate is a Looked After Child (currently or previously in the care of a Local Authority) when completing the online application form. Evidence will be required.

2. Pupil Premium Up to a maximum of 54 places (30% of the 180 intake) are then offered to boys who are eligible for Pupil Premium at the date of the test. Parents must indicate if their son is eligible when completing the online registration form. Evidence of eligibility will be required. Pupil Premium places are only available to boys scoring above the Minimum Qualifying Score and are offered according to Test Score, but in the following order of preference:

a. Children attending a primary school (at the time of the Test) listed in the Walsall Children’s Services Directory

b. Children attending a primary school not in the above Directory

3. All other children achieving the Minimum Qualifying Score: Places will be offered in rank order according to the candidates’ Test Scores.

Parents will be provided with further information on Test scores with their son’s result in the Test.

Applications for a Year 7 place

The Year 7 application portal for September 2022 admissions is open from 19th April until 8th July 2021, please click on the link below.

Entrance Test for a Year 7 place

The Consortium plans to hold its entrance test in September 2021. Once the exact date has been agreed our website will be updated to inform parents. All arrangements remain subject to any change due to coronavirus restrictions which may be in place at the time of the exam.

Please check our website for further updates throughout the year.

Further information

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