School Captain’s Blog: 2nd Half Term 2015

The previous half term was yet another busy one for school, with many successes being celebrated throughout. Indeed two of the biggest events for school came within the same weekend this year.

The annual QMA’s firework event was yet again a huge success making record-breaking profits for another year running, despite the CPA being out of use due to the building works. There was a huge effort from everyone involved including all those on the QMA, as well as all the 6th form helpers, and I’m sure the profits made will be put to great use within the school. The following day after the fireworks event was Remembrance Sunday and the huge turnout from our CCF made up a very large proportion of the parade. The way everyone conducted themselves and the large crowds that gathered round Walsall’s cenotaph made it a very poignant morning remembering those that had fallen.

It was another successful half term for sport for the school. Despite some losses for the 1st XV we have continued to grow as a team and have produce some great performances throughout the half term. There has been continued dominance in cross country from QM with some great wins both individually and as a team.

One of the highlights of the term for me was the carol service in the town hall. Not having been in attendance since year 8 (I definitely feel like I have missed out since being at this one), I was unsure what to expect. This year the choirs and orchestras of QMGS and QMHS were merged into one large one under big plans from Mr. Vause and Miss Sullivan. The event was a huge success with the town hall full of parents and students of the school. The performance of both the choir and orchestra made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all, and I am very much looking forward to the spring concert next term.

The term finished with what is now QM tradition. The christmas assembly featuring Mr. Matley’s quiz, as well as one of the most interactive skiffle group performance so far, making it a big hit with the rest of the school. I’m sure next term will again be full of success and surprises, but it will surely go too fast for my last full term at QM.

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