School Captain’s Blog: Autumn 2013 (Our New School Captain’s First Post)

Hi everyone, I’m Callum Macintosh and this is my first blog entry as Captain of School. To start off, I would like to introduce myself a little bit; I am currently doing Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths A Levels, with the aim of studying Mechanical Engineering at University. As well as being a hockey player, I am a member of the CCF’s RAF section, and generally enjoy getting involved with the wide variety of things going on in school.

It seems this half-term has gone so fast that there’s barely been time to take everything in, so here’s a few of the highlights: The German exchange went as successfully as ever, with a group from Biedenkopf immersing themselves in a week of English culture. Shortly after, the French exchange got underway as a group of Queen Mary’s pupils found out what life is like across the pond. Senior house Rugby took place just last week with Darby coming out on top, while the senior house Hockey competition has just the final (Aragon v Darby) remaining to be played.

The new year sevens (and lower-sixths) should be thoroughly settling in to QM life after undergoing their first Speech Day. One of the most enjoyable aspects for me was the musical entertainment on the day, both by the choir in St Matthew’s and by the performers at the Town Hall in the evening.

For me, this half-term will be remembered as having to write a multitude of talks and speeches, and I look forward to next half-term with a feeling of a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Furthermore, I can’t wait to see the completion of the new canteen and kitchen area, not least because it signifies the return to a fully functioning dinner service.

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