School Captain’s Blog: Summer Term 2013

The summer term for myself is one of huge importance; along with the rest of the upper sixth form due to it being exam season. The most stressful time of the year was upon us and even for the most laid back students such as myself, it was worse than expected. However, 7 years of work at Queen Mary’s all came down to these 2 weeks of exams and it was a huge relief for everyone when they had finished their last exam.

Unfortunately for many the book return day would be the last time they step foot in Queen Mary’s for this year and most probably for ever. However, the vice-captains and I accompanied Mr.Collins and the year 7′s on the annual wreath laying trip to London. We got to wear the Queen Mary’s uniform for one last time and pay tribute to the Queen who was responsible for creating this great school. The day itself was made even more special due to the warm weather we got, albeit sometimes a little bit too hot when in our blazers, in the centre of London.

It was been a privilege to represent Queen Mary’s as captain of school, fulfilling something that I said to Mrs.Wood on the first day of year 7. I have had 7 brilliant years at Queen Mary’s and it has taken me until my final year to realise how much of an influence Queen Mary’s has had on my life in terms of my morales, playing rugby and my overall personality and being captain of school has only added to that.

To end I would like to wish the new Captain of School, Callum Macintosh all the best in his role as Captain in the forthcoming year. I think he will be a brilliant Captain of School and a credit to Queen Mary’s and I look forward to hearing his speeches at Old Boys dinner in September and on Speech Day in October.

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