School Captain’s Blog: June 2012

The year has absolutely flown by and I find myself taking on the last formal occasion as Captain of School, the wreath laying ceremony. This will take on Friday, 6th July and is one of the most important events in the QM calendar. All of year 7, along with a number of prefects and teachers will be travelling down to London and laying a wreath on the tomb of our Patron, Queen Mary. The tradition states that the wreath is laid by the out-going Captain of School and the youngest member of year 7.

Looking back over the past year, I realise just how rewarding the experience of being Captain of School has been. I have picked up a plethora of skills from public speaking to speech writing and personal organisation to organising a team of seventy prefects. During my interview last year, I was asked what I was least looking forward to, as I’d had little experience of public speaking this was my answer; I can now say that the speeches have been the part I have enjoyed most and will be an enormous help for the future.

I wish the new Captain of School, Jakob Brooke, the best of luck in the role. I’m sure he’ll do a fantastic job and I hope this time next year he will look back and realise how much he has achieved.

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