School Captain’s Blog: October – December 2012

The half term break was one, for me especially as I also turned 18, that was needed after the manic first half term and it was nice to know that this half term was one that would be a little bit more relaxed to say the least.

The building of the Collier Centre now seemed to be far in the past when it came to life of the school. The sixth form have now made the Bateman room their home and the smell of pot noodles and readymade microwave meals is something that fulfils the air on a day to day basis. The next stage of the building work at school has also been striving towards finish with the expanding of Mr Rockett and Dr Rowley’s work labs being finished by the end of the term. Furthermore the new Geography block work started towards the end of the term, thus starting an exciting new era here at QMGS.

With the thought of Christmas in everybody’s minds, the term seemed to go at its slowest pace for many of the younger pupils, but the realisation that exams were slowly creeping up on year 11 and the sixth form meant the term seemed to fly by when we didn’t want it to. For me this term was the term of missing school for trips. Everyday in assembly Mr Swain seemed to mention another trip that had taken place! I myself went on a trip to London for Geography, something that helped me make my decision to go to university there and a trip that was extremely enjoyable and interesting, not to mention daunting as we visited Canary Wharf, the Olympic site, the Excel centre and took a ride on the Emirates airline to the O2 arena.

Additionally there were two amazing trips for many pupils of the school with Mr L J Taylor taking a cricket tour to Sri Lanka, Mrs Wang leading the exchange to China whilst Queen Mary’s welcomed 12 Spanish pupils from our partner school in Vigo.

So, for a somewhat quieter term for myself, there is never a quiet term at Queen Mary’s. This is something I have come to realise with the school that no matter who you are or what time of the year it is the opportunities are always there. So, let’s look forward to the start of the spring term and that dreaded word, EXAMS!

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